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Today we will see the Solar Eclipse. Is it harmful to see the same???

Dt. 24.10.2022

By Diya Popat, Student

Today, on 25th October 2022, there will be Partial Solar Eclipse. Most of the parts of India including Gujarat shall be able to see this solar eclipse. We all observe that whenever there is a solar eclipse, there are major changes in the rituals and even timings of temples too. Question always arose in my mind that is Solar Eclipse just a solar event and only has scientific significance or it has anything to do with religion??? In this article I have tried to share something what I have learned regarding Solar Eclipse.

What is Solar Eclipse?

Scientifically, when Moon passes in front of the sun, resulting in the moon casting its shadow on the earth is called Solar Eclipse. IN other words we can say that when Moon comes in between the Sun and the earth it is called Solar Eclipse. Solar Eclipse depends on the geometry of the sun, moon and the earth. It can happen once every 1 or 2 years. This solar eclipse on 25th of October shall be for the longest time in India in Dwarka Gujarat for nearly 1:45 minutes and the shortest time in India in Kolkata for 12 minutes.

Can we see the Solar Eclipse or not?

We often hear people saying that one should not see the Solar Eclipse with necked eye. Its said that seeing Solar Eclipse should be avoided or it should be seen only with proper eye protection. The scientific reason behind it is only that the light of the Sun is so intense that it can burn our eye balls. Some experts say that one can view Total Eclipse with naked eye but should avoid seeing any other eclipse with naked eye. Talking on this with renowned Ophthalmologist of Una Dr Chintan Dholakia, he said that “One should definitely avoid direct seeing the Solar Eclipse. It results in to harm to the eyes. We have diagnosed irregularities in patients who have deliberately or mistakenly seen the Solar Eclipse”. Thus, one should avoid seeing Solar Eclipse without proper eye protection.

Solar Eclipse: Myths and Facts relating to religious belief?

We all have seen that during the solar eclipse and even time before and after it, temples remain closed. Day to day affairs of temple gets changed. Even people do not eat anything during the eclipse period. People garbage the foods stuff which is left after the solar eclipse is over. According to Hindu Mythology, specifically “Skand Purana” it is mentioned that those who serve food during Solar Eclipse suffer from bad health afterwards. It is also believed that during Solar Eclipse, Moon comes between Sun and the earth. Due to this bacteria develops and spoils the food. But there is no such fact mentioned in science as per my limited research. Infect Scientist believe that this may be myth and not fact. Science claims that the idea of not eating food is related with the false idea of harmful solar rays being emitted during solar eclipse. Scientist from NASA further say that if  it is true, the same rays must also effect the standing crops in the fields too.

Putting basil leaves in food: Myth or Fact?

As said earlier, there is a belief that during Solar Eclipse, bacteria gets active which harms the food. In Ayurveda, Basil Leaves are considered as Anti-Bacterial. This is the reason, why basil leaves are put in food to prevent bacteria.

Pregnant women should not see Solar Eclipse?

It is also said that pregnant women should avoid seeing the Solar Eclipse as it can harm the baby in the womb. Talking to this issue with leading gynecologist Dr Alka Vakil, she said that “It is said in mythology that pregnant women should avoid going out during Solar Eclipse, but as far as my medical knowledge is concerned there are no evidence of the same. Hence, as a medical practitioner I believe the said thing is not correct. “

As per my limited research and considering the views of the experts, I personally believe that one should avoid directly seeing Solar eclipse. But, I personally believe that the belief that one could not eat during the Solar Eclipse or the food becomes uneatable post Solar Eclipse is not true as there is no scientific proof for the same.

(The views expressed are strictly personal) 

(The Author is a student of Std 7th)

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